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“For my Emperor, an army of Terracotta soldiers, that can march without rest, demands neither pay nor plunder, and fears no enemy.”

—Honorable Bohan Li, Master Animator

Generations ago the first Emperor’s fearless terracotta warriors helped him forge the warring states into the Wuxing Empire. Now at the height of its power, the Empire sends its expeditionary forces beyond its borders in search of new lands to absorb. At the forefront of these armies are the Empire’s soldiers, constructs made of magically animated jade.

Jade and Terracotta constructs form the basis of the Wuxing army. They are fearless in the face of the enemy, although enough damage can disrupt their chi to cause them to Breakdown. In addition to soldiers, the Wuxing boast constructs based off of mythical beasts, such as the nimble Fu Dogs or the mighty Jade Dragons.


The Wuxing also possess auxiliary forces such as the Shanzi Monks who can adjust their enemies by switching their fighting style, and the Rocket Arrow Battery which can rain down barrages of gunpowder launched arrows from afar.

Wuxing is the faction for a player who wants something different than the traditional fantasy armies. It combines a traditional hammer-and-anvil play style with the theme of fantasy China.

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Wuxing contents

Comprehensive Rulebook

Terracotta Swordsmen (8)

Terracotta Spearmen (8)

Salvaged Terracotta Warriors (8)

Terracotta Fu Dogs (6)

Terracotta Crossbowmen (6)

Terracotta Guardians (6)

Jade Nobles (4)

Jun Horse Archers (6)

Imperial Cavalry (5)

Rocket Arrow Battery (3)

Shanzhi Monks (3)

Jade Dragon (3)

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