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“Why do you pray to hidden gods? Our gods walk beside us, tower over us, and crush our enemies.”

—Yejide, Umenzi High Priestess

Driven by unknown gods, the Umenzi sojourn from the Burning Lands to make a new home for themselves. Their ways are strange to the Known Lands and, although they seem primitive, their warriors are fierce and their magic is potent. Their gods visit the bravest tribesmen in dreams and visions. Some are driven insane by what they see, but many are impelled to heroic feats at inspire their fellow Umenzi.

The Umenzi Tribesmen are a classic horde army, crushing the enemy beneath the weight of numbers. The average Umenzi Warrior has very lackluster courage, but can be inspired to protect their Shamans or by fighting alongside units of Worthy and Chosen. The High Priests and Shamans aid their warriors by Blessing and Healing them, or by Hexing the enemy.


Although lightly armored, all Umenzi go into battle protected by their Faith Armor, which can turn aside enemy blows. And any enemy too tough for weapons or magic will find itself trampled under the foot of the Giant War Elephant.

The Umenzi Tribesmen is a faction for a player who is seeking something different, both in terms of non-traditional fantasy archetypes and a unique play style. The Umenzi are a combined arms faction with a fantasy African theme.

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Starter Deck

Basic Rulebook

Command Cards (30)

Reference Cards (2)


Chosen (2)

High Priests (1)

Inititates (2)

Shamans (1)

Umenzi Atlatlmen (2)

Umenzi Javelineers (3)

Umenzi Spearmen (2)

Umenzi Warriors (2)

Worthy (2)

Reinforcement Deck

Advanced Rule Book

Berserkers (6)

Chosen (2)

Giant War Elephant (3)

High Priests (3)

Initiates (4)

Shamans (4)

The Possessed (6)

Umenzi Atlatlmen (5)

Umenzi Javelineers (4)

Umenzi Spearmen (3)

Umenzi Warriors (4)

Worthy (3)

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