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Arrogance beyond Measure

A preview of Command Cards from the Lords of Vlachold faction.

Vlachold has always been a rugged land, but it once shared a similar feudal structure as the other Holds of Men. In times of war, the stalwart militias were called up to defend their homes while the noble knights sallied forth to crush the invader.

The rotten souls of the Lords have corrupted those traditions. Fealty became slavery. Valor twisted into vanity. Honor was abandoned for cruelty.

The Vlachold command cards are a reflection of their callous nature and the effect has on their mortal vassals. The command cards that represent the Voyniks’ stoic endurance will be shown later. For this preview we take a look at a few cards geared towards the vampiric Lords.

Red Harvest is a command card designed to be played on vampire units. These units can essentially get “free” Blood boxes with which they can use to heal, or escape via Misty Form. However it also lets players use Inhuman Agility or (in a previous attack) Unholy Strength and then regain those expended Blood boxes.

When played on units without the Drain keyword, Red Harvest is identical to the Strike command card. Which is still a very good card. One can image the Vassals slaying the enemy in a futile attempt at sacrificial offering to their Lords.

Undying Scorn represents the hardy nature of the immortal Lords. The enemy’s spears and swords strike what would be a mortal blow, only to have no effect on the Lords’ undead body. And you can only imagine that when the soldier strikes the fatal blow, only to have the vampire Lord respond with a sneering smile…

Like Red Harvest, Undying Scorn can be played on units without Drain. Although it provides a lesser benefit, it still gives a +1 Toughness and can be played after the enemy rolls to hit. There are relatively fewer cards played after the hit, making it unlikely that your opponent has a counter.

Desperation is the only Vlachold command card that affects all units equally. Dire peril brings out the fury of a trapped animal, and that fear-driven strength comes regardless whether a creature is mortal or undying.

This card provides an interesting challenge for the Vlachold player: its best use is when in the Red, but many Vlachold units have fewer Red boxes. This means that timing it for best use is tricky. A player must balance the ‘bird in the hand’ with the promise of most benefit.

As with Drain, Blood Powers, and the Perseverance ability, the Vlachold command cards are amazingly powerful in the right circumstances. However setting up the situations in the middle of a game proves far trickier than it first appears. A player is constantly faced with the challenge of getting the right amount of benefit at the right time.

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