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Men of Hawkshold

Welcome to the first entry in our development blog, Missives from the Outlaw Alchemist!

The Missives from the Outlaw Alchemist is a preview of playtest rules under consideration by the Your Moves Game team. Sometimes we’ll also include design notes explaining why we’re considering these changes and what we’re trying to achieve.

These are playtest rules. They are completely unofficial and not finalized. We may end up making major changes to them or rejecting them altogether.

And you can help us make those decisions. We welcome your feedback and will be following up with polls for each entry. Let us know what you think of these ideas, but most important, let us know if they are fun!

Out first entry is the Men of Hawkshold revisions, detailing what changes are being considered for the faction.

Click here for the Men of Hawkshold!

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