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Men of Hawkshold Box Set Contents

The Men of Hawkshold faction is the first reprint for the award-winning Battleground Fantasy Warfare system.

  • 76 Unit Cards:

  • 30 Command Cards

  • 2 Reminder Cards

  • One Quick Start Rules

  • One Rulebook

Note: additional content may be included if we reach stretch goals.

  • Peasant Mob x 7

  • Communal Pikemen x 7

  • Scout Cavalry x 7

  • Knight x 4

  • Dismounted Knights x 4

  • Longbowmen x 4

  • Swordsmen x 7​

  • Spearmen x 7

  • Lancers x 7

  • Bowmen x 7

  • Militia x 8

  • Great Swordsmen x 7

Men of Hawkshold Overview

In all the Holds of Men, there is one that is first among equals . . . Hawkshold.

No feudal duke, nor Elven prince, nor Dwarven lord marches to war without knowing how Hawkshold will respond. Its Grand Duke can call upon his vassal lords who bring with them not just their retinues of men-at-arms, but also the militias of the prosperous cities and the dangerous bowmen of the uplands.

Hawkshold is a disciplined, combined arms faction. Its flexibility comes from its stalwart core troops being able to complement any tactic. The Hawk Swordsmen or Spearmen can be the redoubt for a fast strike wing of Light Cavalry and Knights. 


Or they can be the rampart protecting the Longbowmen that rain destruction upon your enemy. Or they can defend the flanks of your heavily armed and armored Great Swordsmen. Hawkshold units are durable by virtue of their formations, but possess the Bravery to hold in the face of hardship.


Hawkshold is a faction for players who enjoy variety in their army and appreciate subtle yet powerful advantages. Far from being a ‘regular human’ army, Hawkshold is an army for the crafty player.

Playing Battleground

Battleground Fantasy Warfare is a miniatures game — only without the miniatures! Units are represented by cards portraying the warriors and their characteristics. Each player builds their army, deploy their units, and assigns them orders. Once the battle begins, each player only has a limited ability to command their army. The player with the better plan can use their commands to inspire or enchant their units in combat.

In Battleground, two-players (or two-sides, if multiple players want to ally) each build an army from the units in their faction.  Units have points cost and the total cost of all units can't exceed the maximum points for each side. 


After assembling armies, you will deploy your units and assign them Standing Orders.  You can give a unit the order to run forward and kill the enemy, or tell the unit to advance to the top of a hill and hold position, or concentrate fire on the giant monster on the flank.  

Once a unit has been given a Standing Order, the unit keeps the order until you change it.  Every turn you will get a number of Command Actions that can be used to control your units.  In a standard game you will have 4 Command Actions and between 6-10 units.  Seldom will you have enough Command Actions to do everything you want, so the key to victory is a solid plan and wise use of this limited resource.

You can also spend Command Actions on your faction's special ability or to draw Command Cards, which represent strategic ploys, acts of heroism, or magical effects.  In this way Battleground rewards the player with the better strategy.

Once combat begins, you will roll dice to determine hits and wounds between the units. 


The target number needed depends on your unit's stats and those of the enemy it is attacking.  All stats are written right on the unit card and as damage is inflicted, you will mark off damage boxes on the unit.  


Taking damage can cause a unit to rout and once its last box is marked, the unit is destroyed.  Once you have destroyed or routed a little more than half of your opponent's army, you win!

Quick to set up, easy to store, Battleground is a game that can be played in two hours at your kitchen table and carried in your pocket. And yet Battleground is a deeply tactical game, where maneuver and marshaling your limited command resources are the keys to victory.

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