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“Order the militia to stand fast! They need only persevere until the lancers turn the enemy’s flank!”

—Bergan Temeraire, Grand Duke of Hawkshold, at the Battle of

Weslan River

In all the Holds of Men, there is one that is first among equals: Hawkshold. No feudal duke, nor Elven prince, nor Dwarven lord marches to war without knowing how Hawkshold will respond. Its Grand Duke can call upon his vassal lords who bring with them not just their retinues of men-at-arms, but also the militias of the prosperous cities and the dangerous bowmen of the uplands.

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Hawkshold is a disciplined, combined arms faction. Its flexibility comes from its stalwart core troops being able to complement any tactic. The Hawk Swordsmen or Spearmen can be the redoubt for a fast strike wing of Light Cavalry and Knights.

Or they can be the rampart protecting the Longbowmen that rain destruction upon your enemy. Or they can defend the flanks of your heavily armed and armored Great Swordsmen. Hawkshold units are durable by virtue of their formations, but possess the Bravery to hold in the face of hardship.

Hawkshold is a faction for players who enjoy variety in their army and appreciate subtle yet powerful advantages. Far from being a ‘regular human’ army, Hawkshold is an army for the crafty player.


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Men of Hawkshold Box Set Contents
  • 75 Unit Cards:

  • 30 Command Cards

  • 3 Reminder Cards

  • One Quick Start Rules

  • One Rulebook

  • Communal Pikemen x 7

  • Scout Cavalry x 7

  • Knight x 3

  • Dismounted Knights x 3

  • Longbowmen x 3

  • Sir Steaphen's Free Company x 3

  • Swordsmen x 7​

  • Spearmen x 7

  • Lancers x 7

  • Bowmen x 7

  • Militia x 7

  • Great Swordsmen x 7

  • Peasant Mob x 7

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