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“Surrounded and outnumbered, the Dwarves stood their ground. By the end, they were not barkeeps, or carpenters, or scriveners. They were the White Shields. And their captain was no longer some bookkeeper. She was simply Varya of Runeguard."


- Excerpt from The Chronicles and Histories of St. Alban

Runeguard has no standing army, for every Dwarf stands ready to take up hammer and axe in defense of their home. A dizzying array of oaths and alliances connect the clans and guilds of Runeguard. And woe to the fool who belittles the lowly Dwarf miner or besmirches the honor of the Shortbeard merchant. Because to fight one Dwarf is to fight them all.


The Dwarves of Runeguard are built around their durable infantry, who outlast their enemy and grind their way to victory.  Forge Wardens wield twin hammers to smash through the enemy, while Hinterland Foresters fell giant monsters like trees.

Meanwhile the Expedition Expedition Guard loose their crossbow volleys from afar and the Engineer's Guild aim mighty Ballistas able to skewer even the most colossal beast.   All the while the Brewmasters revitalize wounded warriors with their magic brews and the sturdy Dwarf Homeguard that hold the line.

Runeguard's Steadfast  abilitybolsters their attack while keeping them fighting when other units would flee.  Against certain enemies they Bear the Grudge, becoming stubbornly hard to control but also deadly in combat.

The Dwarves of Runeguard is a faction for the patient player who prizes durability and reliability.  It is an army that has no soft spot for your enemy to exploit, just an unyielding wall of Dwarves.

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