Harbingers of Salvation . . . or Damnation

A preview of the Warriors in the Mist for the Lords of Vlachold faction. The defining trait of the people of Vlachold is their stoicism in the face of uending horror. However, for some a life of hopeless struggle is more than they can bear and they choose to end it on their terms. Unfortunately, obligation in Vlachold is inherited. For a Voynik family without a father, a son or mother must answer the Voivoide’s call to arms. If a serf chosen to be a Curteni choose death over service, a younger sibling will be chosen instead. The guilt at fleeing their duties prevents these souls from finding rest. They wander the boundaries of the realm, shapeless apparitions whose sobbing faces can occ

Servants of the Undying Lords

A preview of Czigany Hillfolk and Werewolf Pack for the Lords of Vlachold faction. The vampiric Lords claim dominion over every creature within the boundaries of Vlachold. This includes the serfs and Voyniks, but also the itinerant peoples known as the Czigany as well as the monstrous Werewolves that roam the mountains and deep forests. If you ask the Czigany, they will say their extended clans wandered this land long before the Men of the Holds settled and swore oaths of perpetual service to their lords. They remained outside the feudal order, refusing the kneel. When the undying Lords rose to power, they made a mutual pact with them: trading service to the Lords as couriers, spies, and

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