All that Remains is to Endure

A second preview of Command Cards for the Lords of Vlachold faction. For centuries the people of Vlachold have faced a difficult choice: the undying Lords or the Orcs and other ravagers beyond their borders. The Lords harvest them a few at a time. The Orcs would slaughter them en masse, and make off with the survivors. The people stoically endure the former choice, hoping against hope to outlast their cruel masters. In previous entries, we’ve seen how some of the Vlachold command cards reflect the merciless nature of the vampiric Lords. This preview details the command cards geared towards the mortal Vassals. Tenacity is a command card that, on the surface, is a duplicate of Fortune

Men of Broken Souls

A preview of Curteni Halberdiers and Heavy Archers for the Lords of Vlachold faction. For every free Voynik, there are a dozen unfree peasants in Vlachold. These serfs are tied to their lands, property in all but name to the undying Lords. The ablest sons of these peasants are drafted at irregular intervals to serve as court bodyguards. Their obedience is maintained by threat of retribution to their families. Some say the Lords do this to counterbalance Voynik uprisings and cow the serf families through fear. Others say it is to have a ready supply of life-giving blood or simply because it is in the Lords’ cruel natures. The most pessimistic say that all of those are true at once. Wha

Consumed by Madness

A preview of Voynik Thralls for the Lords of Vlachold faction. Voyniks are the free commoners of Vlachold, bound to serve as militia in exchange for their emancipation. This has remained true even after the Lords made their dark pact. Most of the Voyniks stoically accept their lot. Some dream of the day when they storm the strongholds of the undying Lords and put them to the flame. And some Voyniks worship their Lords as living gods. These Voynik Thralls willingly serve the Lords of Vlachold. In the midnight courts these sycophants fawn over their undying masters, competing with each other for fleeting favor. They have given themselves over so completely that no task is too profane or

Arrogance beyond Measure

A preview of Command Cards from the Lords of Vlachold faction. Vlachold has always been a rugged land, but it once shared a similar feudal structure as the other Holds of Men. In times of war, the stalwart militias were called up to defend their homes while the noble knights sallied forth to crush the invader. The rotten souls of the Lords have corrupted those traditions. Fealty became slavery. Valor twisted into vanity. Honor was abandoned for cruelty. The Vlachold command cards are a reflection of their callous nature and the effect has on their mortal vassals. The command cards that represent the Voyniks’ stoic endurance will be shown later. For this preview we take a look at a few c

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