Better to Reign in Hell

A preview of Markyz Lancers and Voynik Crossbowmen from the Lords of Vlachold faction. Centuries ago, the Lords of Vlachold sacrificed their souls to repel the Orcish invaders. And while the tide was initially only stemmed, over the centuries they were able to turn it back completely and reemerge to the world. Now insatiable monsters, the Lords of Vlachold began expanding their realm through conquest. The most loyal of their vassals were elevated to the ranks of the undying, becoming rulers of the marches. These Markyz Lancers were considered by the great Lords to be a sacrificial first line of defense. Markyz Lancers are a Standard unit in the Lords of Vlachold faction. They are the yo

Blood is Life

A preview of the Tepes Lords and Blood Powers from the Lords of Vlachold faction. At the height of the First Orc Invasion the realm of Vlachold teetered on the edge of extinction. As fortresses and keeps were breached by the Orcs, the people fled to the mountain monasteries. There the priests of the Holy Flame, third and fourth sons of Vlachold nobility, prayed and fasted. They preached hope in these dark times. When the Lords of Vlachold drove the Orcs before him, Prelate Lucan Calugarul realized they had been abandoned by the Holy Flame. Their piety had meant nothing. Driven by Lucan’s vision, the priests abandoned their faith and made the same dark pact as the other Lords. They beca

Until the Sun Shines Again

A preview of two Voynik units and Perseverance ability from the Lords of Vlachold faction. Once the lands of Vlachold was like the other Holds of Men: noble lords ruled over peasants but also protected them from bandits and invaders. The wealthiest could become yeomen, free commoners who served in local militias that a lord could call up to bolster their lines. After making their dark pacts, the Lords of Vlachold abandoned their oaths of loyalty and honor, ruling instead through fear and malice. For the Voyniks, the free commoners of Vlachold, hope was replaced with fatalism, and courage with perseverance. All that was left was to endure, they said, until the sun shone on Vlachold again

Lords from On High

A preview of the Voivode Princes and Drain ability for the Lords of Vlachold. Centuries ago, the hordes of the First Orc Invasion swept over the Known Lands, and the realm of Vlachold found itself cut off from the other Holds of Men. Desperate and without hope, the Great Prince known as Dagan prayed before the altar of the Holy Flame for salvation. What answered was neither holy nor offering salvation. The Voivode Knights are an Elite unit in the Lords of Vlachold faction. They are the eldest and greatest vampires. They ride forth on nightmare steeds with fiery hooves, wielding wicked glaives and protected by dragonscale armor. They fight with the skill of centuries, supplementing their

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