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Terrain Pack

Battles are won and lost by the choice of battlefield. An army can anchor its flank on a deep marsh, or achieve victory by holding the high ground, or stymie an enemy’s advance by defending the river crossing. A wise general is one who understands not just the enemy but also the lay of the land.


The Battleground: Fantasy Warfare Terrain Pack has 7.5 square feet of double-sided terrain that opens up additional tactical options and keeps your battles varied. Fight in the depths of a deep forest or to keep a key supply road open – the possibilities are nearly endless.

The Terrain Pack can be used in conjunction with Battleground Kingdoms or to create your own unique battlefields for any game.

Formerly out of print, the Terrain Pack was made available through a stretch goal on the Lords of Vlachold Kickstarter, and can be pre-ordered through the PledgeManager for that campaign.

Terrain Pack contents

Extra Large Hill

Large Hill/Marsh

Large Forest/Lake

2 Small Hills/Scrub Patches

2 Small Forests/Rocky Ground

1 Small Marsh/Forest

1 Small Hill/Lake

1 Small Scrub/Forest

4 Road/Ridge sections (40” total length)

4 River/Coastline sections (40” total length)

1 Bridge/Crossroads

1 River Ford/Obstructed Road section

3 River bend/Road turn sections

2 Long Hedgerows/Stakes

2 Short Hedgerows/Stakes

2 Long Wood/Stone Wall sections

2 Short Wood/Stone Wall sections

Sample Images
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Sheet 1 Front
Sheet 1 Back
Sheet 2 Front
Sheet 2 Back
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