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Men of Hawkshold

The Grand Duchy’s disciplined ranks defend the holds of men.

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Lords of Vlachold

Immortal Lords rule over their vassals from on high.

Elves of Ravenwood

The guardians of the forest kill from the shadows.

Dwarves of Runegard

With runes and honor, every Dwarf can be a great warrior.

Undead Army

The dead fear no foe.

Orc Army

Ferocious orcs and vile goblins pillage what they don’t burn.


Scaled terrors feast on fallen foes.

High Elves

The noble warriors of an immortal yet dying race.


Jade and terracotta soldiers march to war.

Dark elves

Their skill is matched only by their cruelty.

Monsters and Mercenaries

Aggressive, restless and poor – ideal mercenaries.

Umenzi Tribesmen

Woe to those who lack the blessing of the unknown Gods!

Battleground currently has sixteen factions, eleven Fantasy and four Historical, each with their own unique units, army abilities, and Command Cards. Fantasy and Historical factions are full compatible, so your Romans can invade the untamed wilderness of Ravenwood!

Second punic war

History’s greatest general invades the Republic.

Alexander vs Persia

One young king against a thousand nations.

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